Top reasons why we need Dash Cam along with GPS for fleet managers

Dash Cam with GPS Tracker

13 May 2021

Video telematics and combined information from vehicle GPS, along with other sensors and dash cam footage, provides data that can be analyzed and improved.

In the transport and logistics business, struggling in the present fluctuating markets, Fleet Managers continually try to improve the efficiency and safety of operations and fleets. They have adopted Fleet Management Systems that use telematics and software to monitor and control the daily operations and various costs involved. They constantly monitor some very important parameters like Over-speeding, unauthorized usages and driver driving behavior, besides fuel spend and maintenance, which are all related to improving efficiency and profits.

When it comes to driver management, a vehicle driver will know that he is being tracked and monitored by the software solution integrated with the dashcam. He then will tend to perform better and it also helps reducing violation. With Video telematics and combined information from vehicle’s GPS device along with other sensors and dashcam footage, the system provides various data that can be analyzed and improved upon for the benefit of all stakeholders involved directly and even indirectly.

An Important Tool for Vehicle and Driver Monitoring and Safety

Fleet Owners can use the solution to define their personal Point of Interest on the digital maps and can get alerts with images, whenever their vehicle reaches or leaves a Point of Interest. with This solution has a Geofencing feature that works on GPS tech. Using this tech bad driving habits of your driver can be eliminated, as you will get alerts on over speeding and unnecessary idling of a vehicle for more than required.

With speed control and alerts you ensure that your vehicle and driver both are safe and secure. With easy monitoring and panic alerts, the fleet management software allows your driver to be in constant touch with the main office and quickly ask for help in case of emergency. Your team can respond fast to his call by reaching the exact location on time.

Advantage of Dashcam built into FMS software

  • Increased driver and fleet productivity
  • Reduced unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Accurate and faster ETAs for customers
  • Improvement in driver behavior and safety management

Takeaways for Fleet Operators

  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40% by quick updates and real-time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of the operation can be improved by Simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system and the quick dispatch of the vehicle
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17% – 30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on the vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle lifespan by 24%


A web-based fleet management solution which uses Video telematics and GPS tech, with mobile app integration provides better results for managers. This solution helps fleet managers to work on-the-go and to monitor moving vehicles, trucks, tankers and other mobile assets. The system helps to monitor driver behavior, safety and compliance.  It also helps in Geo-fencing for large fleets, drawing a planned route map as part of the software Trinetra’s FMS software automates many tasks and processes to streamline workflow and incorporates future-ready features. Its scalability also contributes for a fleet operator’s growth.

Select Trinetra Wireless as your technology partner. Our FMS software empowers fleet managers & transport operators to accomplish more. It improves processes, cuts down fuel costs and frees up time to spend on core tasks.

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