Recent innovative trends in implementing fleet management solution is foresighted

Fleet Management Solutions

8 July 2021

The fleet operators and transporters works in a competitive market which is going through a tough phase the world over with challenges, fluctuations and disruption. The trends in the market are also seeing drastic changes and future has to be faced with foresight and approached proactively.

Business and industry leaders are leveraging on IT and software applications to face the challenges of today and hopefully tomorrow. Software solutions have been helping managers involved in business and industry to consistently trying improve their efficiency and reduce costs factors to gain a better ROI.

Many of the managers and leaders in the logistics, transport and fleet business have often looked to an integrated software solution to empower them to manage their business or service more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get into a future-looking partnership

Today fleet management software (FMS) has evolved effectively to satisfy the critical demands of fleet operators and transporters and the industry at large. Trinetra brings in a more future-looking partnerships with the FMS solutions and integrations on the table to keep on helping the fleet business to thrive in a challenging market scenario.

Fleet management systems empowered by software have identified many factors to introduce new features in the FMS solution. It primarily addresses reducing of operating and production costs. Next it focuses on optimizing the fleet operation’s efficiency with the help of digitization and automation. By implementing the FMS software, you gain cost savings and benefits on partnership with Trinetra.

FMS Software to Meet Current & Future Needs

The FMS software is capable to identify factors that affect fleet performance as it is enable with real time monitoring tech, such as GPS tracking, onboard Dash-cam and other sensors.

Bad driving habits of your vehicle driver can be eliminated, as you will get alerts on over-speeding and even when idling a vehicle for more than required time. Drivers can be crrected and retrained if necessary.

With speed control and alerts, you ensure that both your vehicle and driver are safe and secure. Easy monitoring and panic alerts triggered by the system allow your driver to be engaged and in touch with the main office.

Drivers can ask for help in case of emergency and your team can respond in good time, by reaching the exact location on time.

The FMS has a Geofencing feature that is enabled by GPS technology on n integrated digital map. Use a virtual perimeter to work as a gateway to get better insights to improve your day to day operations.

Other sensors/devices can gather more inputs for the vehicle tracking and monitoring system that can ensure compliance, avoid misuse, monitor product storage temperature and fuel efficiency.

Use the software toimplement preventive maintenance schedules to help avoid breakdown or downtime and gather visual data for claims and investigation.

Benefits to Fleet Operator or Owner

  • Accelerates Your Payment Cycle by 40% by quick updates and real time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of the operation can be improved by simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system and quick dispatch of the vehicles
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17-30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on the vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life time by 24%

Concluding Note

By installing Trinetra’s web-based fleet management software solution, which uses Video telematics and GPS tech, with mobile app integration, fleet operators and fleet managers get the advantage and foresight they need to meet current challenges and future trends. It helps them to work on-the-go and to monitor moving vehicles and other mobile assets.

The system helps to monitor driver behavior, safety and compliance  and also in Geo-fencing for large fleet operators, drawing up planned route maps built in the software. The FMS software can automate many tasks and processes to streamline workflow and also incorporates future-ready features and modules.

Have Trinetra Wireless as your technology partner, as the FMS software has scalability that contributes to a fleet operator’s growth and for better ROI. It empowers the concerned fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to achieve their goals, improve processes, cut fuel, maintenance and other costs, besides freeing up time to be spent on core tasks.

Please get in touch with us for more information on our software products and modules. Kindly request for a free demo on our fleet management software. Learn how customization and mobile app integration that we offer can mitigate your pain points.

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