The essential benefits of integrating Trinetra fleet management solution


03 Aug 2021

When the market situation for businesses and services are wrought with fluctuations, challenges and disruption, software applications and IT seem to offer great relief. By integrating the software solution into their business system, it improves efficiencies and profitability. One of the best solutions in fleet management is the one which offers you the insight you need to get everything clear and understandable for efficient, smooth operations.

An advanced fleet management software provides the user the capability to track, monitor and schedule the service of your fleet of vehicles in real time, giving an up-to-date view of your fleet’s status with details. Fleet operators and transporters toil in a competitive market and trends in the market are drastically changing and so the future has to be approached proactively and with foresight.

Many of the managers and leaders in the logistics, transport and fleet business therefore look to an integrated software solution to empower them and manage their business or service efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get into a future-ready partnership with Trinetra

Your transportation project has to be studied thoroughly to determine and prepare the technologies and applications you require. The software is primarily used to monitor. Allocate and

deliver goods and products on a single platform. The Solution that will integrate easily with your current business to improve efficiency for your operations and the future of your fleet will be the best choice. Trinetra Wireless has such a Fleet Management System to offer you. By partnering with Trinetra you will succeed in reducing the operation costs and optimizing fleet operations.

Essential Benefit of implementing a reliable FMS software

  • Trinetra solution uses GPS technology to derive many benefits. By using the FMS software bad driving habits of your vehicle driver can be identified and eliminated to improve, safety and compliance as you will get alerts on over speeding and for idling a vehicle for more than required.
  • The FMS software is capable to generate data on factors that affect fleet performance as it is enable with telematics for real time monitoring, GPS tracking system, onboard Dash-cams and other sensors fixed on the vehicle and engine.
  • With speed control and alerts you ensure that your vehicle and driver are both are safe and secure.
  • Easy monitoring and panic alerts allow your driver to be in touch with the main office/fleet managers and ask for help in case of emergency. Your support team can respond by reaching the exact location on time.
  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40% by quick updates and real time data acquired from the system.
  • Vehicle dispatches and efficiency of the operations can be improved by simplifying Scheduling with the centralized fleet management system and followed by quick dispatch of the vehicles.
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17-30%.
  •  Pre-emptive alerts on vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life uptime by 24%.
  • The FMS has a Geofencing feature enabled by GPS tech on an integrated digital map. Use a virtual perimeterto get better insights to improve your day to day operations.

Concluding Note

Trinetra’s web-based fleet management software solution, uses mobile app integration, video telematics and GPS tech with. Fleet operators and fleet managers get the advantage and foresight they need to face current challenges and meet future trends. It helps them to work on-the-go and to monitor moving vehicles and other mobile assets.

With Trinetra Wireless as your technology partner, the FMS software can automate many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features and modules to streamline workflow and scale up operations that contribute to a fleet operator’s growth. It empowers fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to achieve their goals, improve processes, cut fuel, maintenance and other costs, besides freeing up time to be spent on core tasks.

Please get in touch with us for more information. Kindly request for a free demo on our fleet management software. Learn how our software products and modules with customization and mobile app integration can mitigate your pain points an be future-ready.

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