Corporate Employee Transport Management Software

corporate employee transport management software

The Client

The client who is a prominent corporate transport service provider wanted a solution to overcome the challenges faced by their transport managers in providing efficient and seamless corporate transport services via cabs and buses. They approached Trinetra for an effective tailored solution.

Business Requirement:

In a competitive Corporate Cab Service industry, several pain points need to be addressed effectively. Employees or passengers availing the transport service needed real-time visibility of the cabs or vans assigned for their pickup and drop. As a user of the service, they wanted access to vehicle details not only during but before the trip. The employees should have the capability to request a cab using an app. Therefore, efficient driver and vehicle allocation and also route planning were imperative for administrators.

Trinetra Solution:

Trinetra Wireless introduced a robust GPS-enabled fleet management solution (FMS) for transporting employees, enhancing the overall experience. The solution addressed these pain points of fleet managers with the following features:

  • Real-time Visibility: Passengers receive the URL of the assigned vehicle through SMS or WhatsApp, ensuring they know the exact location for pickup and drop.
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App: The mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS, empowers employees to seamlessly manage their cab bookings, providing flexibility and ease of use.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Administrators utilize a centralized dashboard for monitoring vehicle locations enabled with GPS tech, ensuring optimal route planning, and managing the fleet efficiently.
  • Event-Based Reporting: The real-time monitoring system triggers event-based alerts, allowing stakeholders to access videos and images through the history page. Reports automatically scheduled, provide insights into various aspects, such as extreme speed, harsh acceleration, braking, and long idling times.
  • Real-time Alerts: Stakeholders receive instant alerts on passenger onboarding and offboarding, ensuring safety. The system has continuous monitoring of the fleet’s health. Real-time vehicle location updates and alerts for delays contribute to a proactive approach in managing the fleet efficiently.


Trinetra’s fleet management software for employee transportation has delivered substantial benefits:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Full visibility and zero time delays lead to improved operational efficiency, reducing idle times, and optimizing fuel consumption by up to 20%.
  2. Operational Optimization: The solution provides a 30% increase in operational visibility, empowering administrators to optimize operations effectively.
  3. Proactive Monitoring: Stakeholders can proactively monitor the fleet’s health, receiving instant alerts on any breaches, ensuring a secure and efficient transport system.
  4. Ever-Evolving System: Trinetra Wireless offers an ever-evolving hardware and software system, meeting the expectations of the dynamic Corporate Cab industry.
  5. Expectation-Based Monitoring: The fleet management solution operates on expectation-based monitoring, offering personalized and efficient reporting based on specific requirements.

Trinetra FMS has successfully addressed the challenges of the client, providing an employee-centric solution and utilization of advanced technology that ensures ease of booking, real-time visibility and efficient fleet management.

Smart Asset Management Software for Mining Industry

mining asset management software

The Client

Trinetra was approached by a leading mining industry facing critical challenges in managing its numerous heavy equipment and fleet of vehicles across four diverse sites The client’s transport managers and facility department sought a comprehensive asset management solution to address issues related to vehicle visibility, productivity, manual errors and lack of real-time data.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra provided robust asset management software tailored for the mining industry. The solution included:

  • Real-Time Visibility: A cutting-edge smart tracking solution for assets ensuring real-time visibility of heavy equipment, fleet of vehicles.
  • Geo-fencing Capabilities: Seamless implementation of geo-fencing within mining areas for enhanced security and operational control.
  • Idling Alerts: Immediate alerts on vehicle idling to optimize fuel consumption and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Accurate Running Hours: Precise tracking of running hours for effective evaluation of driver performance and enhanced productivity of equipment.
  • Centralized Dashboard: A centralized dashboard offering comprehensive insights into vehicle utilization and efficiency across all sites.
  • Instant Alerts and Reporting: Quick alerts and reporting features for earthmovers, ensuring timely maintenance and minimized downtime.
  • Weight Calculation: Smart integration for accurate weight calculation based on trip count and truck capacity.
  • API Integration: Seamless integration with existing systems through APIs for a smooth and error-free data flow with advanced technologies.


The implementation of Trinetra’s mining asset management software yielded significant benefits for the client:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Improved real-time visibility of heavy equipment and fleet of vehicles at sites.
  • Increased Productivity: Optimization of asset utilization and running hours resulted in increased overall productivity.
  • Error Reduction: Minimized manual entry errors for more accurate data and efficient operations.
  • Cost Savings: Idling alerts and timely maintenance reduced fuel/energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Centralized Control: A centralized dashboard empowered transport managers and facility departments with better control and decision-making capabilities.
  • Quick Response: Instant alerts and reporting facilitated swift responses to operational issues, minimizing downtime and disruption.
  • Accurate Weight Calculation: Precise weight calculation based on trip count and truck capacity for accurate production estimates.
  • Seamless Integration: API integration ensured a seamless flow of data, eliminating compatibility issues.

Our cloud based asset management solution with a GPS tech improved security, operational efficiency and visibility over assets and vehicular movements within the various sites. Contact us for details.

Fleet Management System for Large Industries

Fleet Management System for Large Industries

The Client

The client is a leading large-scale industry, who faced significant challenges in managing vehicular movements within its expansive premises. The absence of an efficient monitoring system led to operational inefficiencies and security concerns. Seeking a solution, they turned to Trinetra.

Business Requirement

The client’s premises were sprawling, making it challenging to monitor the movement of vehicles effectively:

  • Security personnel faced difficulties in verifying registration numbers, validating vehicle credentials, and ensuring authorized entry.
  • Additionally, the absence of real-time alerts on speed limits, unauthorized zone entry, and overstaying further worsened the operational difficulties.
  • The lack of visibility into 3rd party vehicles inside the premises raised security concerns, prompting the company to seek a robust tracking solution that addressed these pain points.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless proposed a tailored premises vehicle tracking solution that is seamlessly integrated with the operational infrastructure. The solution involved the deployment of GPS-enabled devices, integrated with the Trinetra portal, to monitor and manage the fleet within the premises.

Security personnel could now verify registration numbers instantly using the Trinetra Application with help of the Vaahan app. Upon verification, a GPS-enabled device was attached to the vehicle and configured at the security desk. Real-time alerts were set up for various parameters, including speed limits, unauthorized zone entry, and overstaying or delays.


The implementation and integration of Trinetra’s premises transportation and vehicle monitoring system delivered numerous benefits to the client.

  • Real-time alerts provided immediate notification of any deviations from the defined parameters, ensuring enhanced security and operational efficiency.
  • The application empowered security personnel with visibility over registered vehicle entries, validating RC and DL through government portals during entry.
  • Administration gained full visibility into 3rd party vehicles within the premises, enabling better management and monitoring.
  • The fleet management solution facilitated comprehensive fleet monitoring, including driver behaviour and route planning.
  • The GPS-enabled devices ensured continuous monitoring in real time with minimal effort.

Our tailored fleet monitoring solution – the GPS-enabled Premises Transportation and Vehicle Monitoring System improved security, operational efficiency, and visibility over vehicular movements within the large industry premises.

Dashcam with GPS tracking system for School Buses

School Bus Video Telematics Solutions

The Client

A leading education group faced several pain points and challenges that prompted them to seek a solution from Trinetra Wireless. They approached us for a solution to ensure safe transportation, school bus tracking for students, to enhance mobile surveillance, implement RFID reader technology and monitor fuel levels.

Business Requirement

A discussion with the school management sorted out what they faced as challenges that urged them to find a solution:

  • School Bus Tracking for Students: Real-time tracking for student safety.
  • Mobile Surveillance and Management: Enhanced safety through road and driver monitoring.
  • RFID Reader Integration: Streamlined attendance records and security.
  • Fuel Level Monitoring: Real-time fuel level monitoring for cost savings.

Trinetra Solution

Addressing these challenges was to ensure the safety of students during their daily commute and to enhance the overall efficiency and security of the school bus transportation system. A customized video telematics system was provided to address these pain points in a comprehensive solution. The school bus monitoring solution featured the following components:

  • School Bus Tracking Application: A GPS-enabled mobile application allowed students to track their school buses in real-time on a digital map. It provided estimated time of arrival, offering peace of mind to parents and students.
  • Mobile Surveillance and Management: Video telematics cameras, including dashcams, were installed in buses to monitor both the road and the driver. The software integrated with dashcams provided a live feed to school managers, ensuring vehicle and students’ safety during the journey.
  • RFID Reader Integration: RFID readers were integrated into the fleet management system to read student identity cards and store students’ information on a server, facilitating accurate attendance records and enhancing security.
  • Fuel Sensor: A fuel sensor was installed in the vehicle to monitor and report fuel levels in real-time, helping the school authorities to detect and prevent fuel theft and related concerns like travel distance or route optimization.


  • Real-time Updates: The solution provided real-time updates on the shortest route and driver location, ensuring on-time arrivals and departures.
  • Instant Alerts: Stakeholders received pop-up messages on alerts and trip updates, enhancing communication and emergency response.
  • Fuel Theft Prevention: By monitoring fuel levels, instances of fuel theft were significantly reduced, saving the school management money besides cost management.
  • Operational Excellence: The system ensured the efficient operation of the school bus fleet, reducing delays, enhancing service reliability, and cost efficiency.
  • Efficient Vehicle Journey: Transport Managers could detect unwanted stoppages within the trip time and reduce it, ensuring a smooth and timely journey for students.
  • Energy Management: The telematics solution helped the school management optimize energy management, reducing fuel consumption and running costs.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring: The fleet management system allowed for real-time monitoring of driver behavior, ensuring that drivers followed safety protocols and behaved properly during the journey with recorded video footage available, thanks to dashcams.
  • Insight into EV Fleet: For electric buses, the solution provided insights into driver behavior and energy consumption, optimizing the school’s electric fleet management.

By partnering with us, the software and the implementation of video telematics technology, including dashcams, helped the client enhance safety, efficiency and communication within its school bus transportation system.

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Vehicle Monitoring


A leading wholesale perishable foods distributor to the fast food industry located in Saudi Arabia. From its headquarters, they deliver wholesale perishable goods to the fast-food industry all over the country with 250+ delivery vehicles. The company is also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management.

Business Requirement

The company runs refrigerated & cold chain trucks that carry valuable and perishable cargo. To protect the refrigerated trucks and their high-value assets, effective fleet management with temperature monitoring is critical. Unfortunately, current methods for managing their trucks are often expensive, inefficient, time-consuming and ineffective. The company wanted to improve their service delivery levels to its customers by increasing driver efficiency with an effective driver management. The fleet managers must understand each truck’s location and its compliance with temperature control objectives.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra is a web-based wireless fleet management solution for managing refrigerated, reefer and cold chain logistics trucks. Trinetra – cold chain logistics management solution provides timely information about each reefer’s location, temperature status and also triggers real-time alert notifications if temperature limit exceeds the threshold. Ongoing temperature updates are reported to the Trinetra – cold storage monitoring application server at regular intervals which enables the company to view variety of vehicle, temperature & driver management reports. Besides, Trinetra – Cold chain vehicle monitoring solution enables the company to track and monitor the real-time position, temperature and location of the refrigerated trucks online and improve driver productivity. With the help of Trinetra the company can monitor & track the trip history of vehicles and can access accurate reporting for all fleet.


  • Accurate information on temperature of perishable & high valued goods
  • Alerts when temperature level exceeds the limit
  • Instant temperature updates to mobile & portal
  • Complete tracking of trucks & their reefers
  • Monitor & improve driver behavior
  • Information on position & status of any vehicle when required
  • Maximized productivity from the cold chain logistics

Transportation & Logistics

GPS tracking solutions for transportation and logistics


A leading multimodal logistics provider in the region of Secunderabad, extending services for all the elements of supply chain management with more than 1000+ vehicles. The company is dealing with corporate, multinational automobile industry and stand in the forefront by providing competitive, reliable and efficient logistics services to their customers across boundaries.

Business Requirement

The company wanted to achieve greater fleet accountability by accurately tracking the location of each vehicle. The company focuses on high value consignment deliveries hence safety, security and visibility is vital. They also sought to provide their customers with immediate and precise information regarding the status of their goods’ delivery.

Trinetra Solution

The implementation of Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking and fleet management solution has delivered substantial benefits to both the client and their end-customers. Trinetra has equipped the company with comprehensive monitoring capabilities for their vehicle fleet, encompassing load tracking, emergency services support, vehicle violation alarms, fleet maintenance, route optimization, driver management and extensive reporting.

Since consignments are of high value, Trinetra offers a highly accurate Geozone system with automatic alerts for every entry and exit at delivery locations. Trinetra’s robust features and modules assist the client in understanding vehicle history through play-back animation, adhering to vehicle business rules using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and maximizing vehicle utility through vehicle utilization reports. This, in turn, has proven to be a valuable and sound investment, delivering a strong return on investment (ROI).


  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Enhanced customer services
  • Real-time monitoring and management of time-sensitive deliveries
  • Effective fleet management
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced overtime
  • Decreased operational costs

Ready to optimize your logistics and transportation operations for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction? Contact us today to explore how Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking and fleet management solution can transform your business. Start your journey towards enhanced competitive advantage, improved customer service and cost savings. Get in touch now

End-to-End Fleet Management Solution for the Poultry Industry

Poultry Fleet Management

The Client

In the dynamic world of poultry transportation and logistics, efficiency and precision are paramount. Transport managers in the poultry industry face a myriad of challenges, from ensuring the safety of the livestock to optimizing fuel consumption. Trinetra Wireless, a leading fleet management software provider, has successfully addressed these pain points for a prominent poultry industry player, revolutionizing their operations and setting a new standard for excellence in the field. With cutting-edge solutions, they pave the way for enhanced efficiency and safety across the entire poultry supply chain.

Business Requirement

The client approached Trinetra Wireless with several critical pain points in their poultry transportation and logistics operations. Their requirements were as follows.

  • Video Telematics: The need for video telematics, including dashcams to monitor the windscreen and driver behavior, along with dome cameras inside containers to assess the health of chicks.
  • Door Sensor Integration: Identification of unauthorized door openings and closures during transportation.
  • Fuel Calibration Accuracy: Ensuring precise fuel calibration for optimal efficiency.
  • Customized Consignment Delivery Reports: Tailored reports for consignment deliveries.
  • Drivers Attendance Report Sheet: Efficient tracking and reporting of driver attendance.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless provided an integrated fleet monitoring solution specifically designed for the poultry industry. The solution included:

  • Full Visibility and Monitoring: Real-time tracking of vehicles, temperature, and humidity within containers.
  • Customized Reports: Detailed consignment delivery reports and driver attendance sheets.
  • Event-Based Monitoring: Instant alerts for unauthorized door access, extreme speed, acceleration, braking, and idling.
  • Live Stock Visibility: High visibility on livestock in real-time, with health monitoring and instant alerts on temperature breaches.


The implementation of Trinetra’s fleet management solution brought about transformative benefits for the poultry industry client:

  • Enhanced Livestock Monitoring: Real-time visibility into the condition of chicken through video telematics.
  • Efficient Operations: Reduction in idle times, leading to a 20% decrease in fuel consumption.
  • Optimized Operations: Over 30% increase in operational visibility, enabling better decision-making.
  • Instant Reporting: Delivery of consignment reports to end-customers at the time of chicken delivery.

This solution enhances the client’s fleet management, providing end-to-end visibility, control and efficiency. Trinetra’s fleet monitoring solution for the poultry industry sets a new standard for accuracy and effectiveness in this specialized field.


Emergency Vehicle Tracking system

Emergency GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The Client

A leading healthcare institution with a fleet of over 16 Ambulances, serving across 5 states in India, had their emergency vehicles (Ambulance) deployed to transport patients and emergency medical supplies to various testing labs and healthcare facilities, primarily in urban areas. The institution’s fleet management task posed significant challenges, with manual task assignments and limited visibility over vehicle locations which made them seek a technology driven solution.

Business Requirement

Challenges in manual task assignments and limited visibility over vehicle locations prompted the institution to seek a technology-driven solution.

  • Manual Task Assignments: Inefficient task assignments by branch managers leading to delays in reaching destinations.
  • Limited Vehicle Visibility: Lack of real-time visibility into ambulance locations, hindering efficient management.
  • Diverse Service Locations: Ambulances utilized by multiple labs across different locations, complicating coordination and tracking.

Trinetra’s Emergency Vehicle Tracking Solution

Trinetra Wireless addressed these pain points with a customized Ambulance GPS Tracking Solution for the healthcare industry.

  • Automated Task Assignment & Mobile App: Implement an automated system along with a mobile app for efficient and remote task allocation, reducing delays.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Integrate a GPS tracking system for instant vehicle location, improving management.
  • Centralized Fleet Management Platform: Establish a centralized platform for streamlined coordination in diverse service locations.
  • Acceptance by Drivers: Ambulance drivers can acknowledge tasks via the mobile app, instantly updating the portal with real-time visibility and information.
  • Onboard Mobile/Tablet Application: Trinetra’s application is customized and seamlessly integrated into devices placed in the ambulances.


Implementation of the telematics-enabled emergency vehicle tracking solution resulted in the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: Minimized unwanted stoppages during trips, optimizing ambulance utilization.
  • Real-Time Updates: Real-time updates on vehicle location for offering the nearest available ambulance and best route to the lab.
  • Alerts and Reporting: Instant alerts and reports on driver behavior, ensuring responsible driving.
  • Route Optimization: Real-time suggestions for the shortest and fastest routes, reducing transit times.
  • Fuel Theft Prevention: Decreased instances of fuel theft or pilferage, leading to cost savings.
  • Operational Excellence: Achieved operational excellence through streamlined task management and reporting.
  • Reliability: Maximized the reliability and trust in ambulance services.
  • Energy Management: Optimized energy management, especially for electric vehicle ambulances.
  • Insightful Analytics: Provided insights into driver behavior and energy consumption for cost-effective fleet management.
  • Patient Safety: Ensured patient safety during transit by monitoring vehicle parameters and driver behavior in real-time.

Trinetra Wireless’ Ambulance Tracking GPS System transformed the client’s emergency medical services, achieving greater efficiency, cost savings, and setting new standards for EMS Vehicle Tracking in the healthcare industry.

School Bus GPS Tracking System

school bus gps tracking system


The client is a premier educational institution located in Bangalore providing quality education to students around the region. With excellent infrastructure, the school takes pride in providing an environment promoting the progress of the students. The school also provides transportation for its students coming from different locations with 50+ buses.

Business Requirement

The school wanted a school bus GPS tracking system so that parents and administration could know where their students are at any given time on any of their buses. The school wanted to place top emphasis on the safety of students with efficient vehicle tracking solution.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra FMS – Fleet management, mobility & IoT solutions improved the educational institution’s day-to-day school bus operations by helping them monitor and manage the fleet. With Trinetra, school bus tracking system installed in their school buses, they can now easily track the movement of all the school buses and also receive alerts for driver violations such as idling for more than 15 minutes, braking, acceleration, RFID card punch miss outs and speeding through email and SMS. Trinetra – vehicle tracking application also makes it simple for the school to help identify misused vehicles, unauthorized trips or entry into areas that the vehicles are not permitted. Additional security measures such as Biometric and RFID integration are implemented to track the entry and exit of students from the school bus. With Trinetra – User friendly fleet management solution on its side, the school can now handle parental concerns immediately with a parent mobile app; respond to emergencies or bus breakdowns by locating the nearest vehicle available for assistance and increase driver accountability. The Fleet Maintenance module is an additional benefit for the institution that helps in extending vehicle life.


  • Enhanced vehicle safety & student’s security
  • Comprehensive Monitoring of school buses
  • On time arrival at bus stops
  • Identify misuse of school buses
  • Efficient management of school buses & Vans
  • Avoid parent worries on student’s safety

IoT platform in Transportation & Logistics for Goods Visibility

IoT Smart Transportation & Logistics Solutions


The client who is a dairy products distributor approached us to find a solution to the problems they have in distributing dairy products, which is a perishable product, using their fleet of reefer trucks across states and territories. They serve a large and growing market ad deal with a variety of dairy products from different sources.

The Problem Outline

To understand the pain-points of the client, our team had a discussion with them. Our team realised that the client needed real-time monitoring of the vehicles and of driver behaviour too. As perishable dairy products were being transported live temperature monitoring. A supportive system to address real-time critical alerts was a priority requirement for them. In order to reduce damage and discrepancies they needed to make sure that driver behaviour was proper during the journey. A monitoring system to identify violation and temperature breaches would improve productivity over the long run. Reefer trucks have planned journeys and stoppages at delivery points, that is scheduled on a daily basis which requires real-time monitoring using GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Trinetra’s IoT-based monitoring system offers a comprehensive solution for the transportation and logistics industry.

The Solution Summary

Trinetra decided to address these challenges by offering a monitoring system through their IoT platform. The customised solution offered utilisation of dashboard and mobile apps to monitor location. The system incorporates sensor devices for instant alerts and reporting on temperature breaches, door openings, geo-fencing, and more. Driver monitoring has helped reduce unnecessary idling, leading to decreased fuel usage for both the cooling unit’s generator and the vehicle’s engine.

Driver monitoring helps to reduce the product damage due to unsafe driving. The mobile app helped to keep driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects. The fleet management system with mobile app integration helped to trigger alerts and notifications to the concerned persons with regard to limits set on the parameters. Temperature monitoring is critical to refrigerated goods and this is now offered in real-time to the officials managing the fleet. Any parameter being monitored, if the limit set was breached, would automatically trigger alerts in real-time.

The fleet management software helped to reduce idle times and decrease fuel consumption by up to 20% and optimize the operation with visibility over 30%. This software is customisable as Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored.


  • Accurate temperature information for perishable goods
  • Real-time alerts for temperature level breaches
  • Real-time temperature updates accessible via mobile app and web portal
  • Comprehensive tracking of trucks and their journeys
  • Monitoring and improvement of driver behavior
  • Instant information on vehicle positions and status when needed

If you wish to explore our solution further, please request a demo, and our dedicated Business Development executive will reach out to you to discuss your specific requirements.

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