School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking


A premier educational institution providing quality education to students around the region. With excellent infrastructure, the school takes pride in providing an environment promoting the progress of the students. The school also provides transportation for its students coming from different locations.

Business Requirement

The school wanted a tracking system so that parents and administration could know where their students are at any given time on any of their buses. The school wanted to place top emphasis on the safety of students

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra improved the educational institution’s day-to-day school bus operations by helping them monitor and manage the fleet. With Trinetra installed in their school buses, they can now easily track the movement of all the buses and also receive alerts for violations such as idling for more than 15 minutes, braking, acceleration and speeding through email and SMS. Trinetra also makes it simple for the school to help identify misused vehicles, unauthorized trips or entry into areas that the vehicles are not permitted. Additional security measures such as Biometric and RFID integration are implemented to track the entry and exit of students from the school bus. With Trinetra on its side, the school can now handle parental concerns immediately; respond to emergencies or bus breakdowns by locating the nearest vehicle available for assistance and increase driver accountability. The Fleet Maintenance module is an additional benefit for the institution that helps in extending vehicle life.


  • Enhanced vehicle safety & students security
  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • On time arrival at bus stops
  • Identify misuse of school buses
  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Behaviour

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring


A leading wholesale perishable foods distributor to the fast food industry. From its headquarters, they deliver wholesale perishable goods to the fast-food industry all over the country. The company is also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management.

Business Requirement

The company runs refrigerated trucks that carry valuable and perishable cargo. To protect the refrigerated trucks and their high-value assets, effective fleet management is critical. Unfortunately, current methods for managing their trucks are often expensive, inefficient, time-consuming and ineffective. The company wanted to improve their service delivery levels to its customers by increasing driver efficiency. The fleet managers must understand each truck’s location and its compliance with temperature control objectives.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra is a web-based wireless solution for managing refrigerated trucks. Trinetra provides timely information about each reefer’s location, temperature status and also triggers real-time alert notifications if temperature limit exceeds the threshold. Ongoing temperature updates are reported to the Trinetra server at regular intervals which enables the company to view variety of management reports. Besides, Trinetra enables the company to track and monitor the real-time position and location of the refrigerated trucks online and improve driver productivity. With the help of Trinetra the company can monitor & track the trip history of vehicles and can access accurate reporting for all fleet.


  • Accurate information on temperature of FMCG goods
  • Alerts when temperature level exceeds the limit
  • Instant temperature updates
  • Complete tracking of trucks & their reefers
  • Monitor & improve driver behavior
  • Information on position & status of any vehicle when required
  • Maximized productivity

Reputed Construction Company


The client is a reputed construction company where huge number of construction vehicles are utilised for transporting materials to projects in remote areas

Business Requirement

As the client is from a large scale construction company where huge number of construction vehicles are used for the projects in remote areas. Client faces some challenges in monitoring the vehicle’s status by single employee, also they have a major challenge in scrutinized view and utilisation of the vehicles. The client needs a solution to manage and monitor the construction vehicles for eliminating critical discrepancies in the vulnerable zones.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra solution helped the client with getting real time vehicle updates. Helps them manage the vehicles by splitting up of vehicles into fleets based on theirs schedules, projects, etc. and for each and every fleet user assignment has been done. The client benefited with the improvisation of scrutinized vehicle monitoring and splitting up of work to employees based on their job description and profile.

Trinetra provides the features of privileges setup to each and every user, with this client can easily set up the module privileges based on their hierarchy and job description. With this GPS fleet management solution client can monitor and manage the fleet with live and current updates. Construction vehicles that are not being fully monitored under business hours, would lead to major challenge in maintaining best utilization. Trinetra helps the company to manage the vehicles by showing location update, status on parked and idling which leads to avoid critical discrepancies. As the huge number of vehicles in the field has been keenly monitored along with the real time alerts, utilization, planning the daily routine for vehicles and high safety of the vehicles can be maintained.


  • Monitor pre-defined events
  • Real time notification alerts
  • Increased visibility between the various stake holders
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Cab Fleet Operator’s

The client owns a huge number of rental vehicles and has gained a reputation in the cab industry. The cab operator serves its clients in remote areas utilizing this fleet of cab vehicles.

Business Requirement

The client, who operates many cab vehicles in remote areas for customers, faced the challenge of monitoring the maintenance activities of these vehicles, to realize best performance and utilization of this cab fleet. The client needed a solution for efficiently managing and monitoring the fleet of vehicles and to sharply reduce huge maintenance costs preventively.

Solution Provided

Trinetra’s solution that provided real-time vehicle updates, focused on reducing the high maintenance and repair (SMRC) costs, that go to influence the compilation of total cost of ownership. It let the company set reminders for scheduling service as required for each cab, identifying vehicle utilization too. Cost and repairs were dramatically reduced by timely maintenance.

The fleet maintenance software categorized vehicles based on location priority and other factors. There is a separate user allocated for each category to manage and monitor the fleet, to save time and costs of operations. The GPS enabled solution makes overseeing the fleet economical, with live, current updates, offering high safety and real-time alerts.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Monitoring of pre-defined events
  • Comprehensive fleet maintenance
  • Increased vehicle performance
  • Decreased overtime costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Recurring reminders to do regular maintenance.

Better visibility between various stakeholders

FMCG Industry


The client is one of the largest importers and distributors of consumer goods and grocery products, sourced from many different parts of the world.

Business Requirement

The client wants to be very active as a market leading distributor of FMCG and perishable goods in time to their customers. During transportation the products were stacked without order in the vehicle. Because of this the products got damaged. The challenge was to load up the products based on the delivery location. If the products are not loaded as per the delivery points scheduled, the despatching got delayed. The client needed a solution to reduce damage and dispatching time of products.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless provided FMS solution by suggesting to stack products based on its nature, to avoid damage caused by over-stacking. It provided the suggestion to stack solid material first and liquid items after that, so that damage can be minimised. Trinetra also provided the suggestion of loading products based on the delivery points.

Trinetra also provided the route management, by whic h the charted route is sent to the respective dispatching unit and driver. This stacking based on delivery points gave clarity to the driver on which location gets which goods delivered first.

In case of new requirements from customers, Trinetra’s solution allowed the admin, to identify the nearest vehicle to the customer’s location. The solution has helped the client to improve efficiency of their core business by restructuring their daily activities.


  • Predefined route for drivers
  • Minimizing the damage to the goods
  • Stacking up goods based on delivery points
  • On-time delivery to the customer
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Electronics Retail Company


The client is a leading consumer electronics retailer distributing electronic products to customers all over the world.

Business Requirement

The client, a major electronics retailer, ships thousands of electronic products globally. However, during transit the products get damaged, due to improper handling or owing to other external parameters. Hence, when damaged goods shipped reach the customer, it inflates the operating costs and also creates dissatisfaction to customers, plus create delay in deliveries. It also affects the inventory management, besides doubling shipping costs to replace damaged goods for customers.

Solution Implementation

A solution to this problem was offered by Trinetra Wireless, by providing different alarms and sensors, based on the events during transit. Once there is a breach in the parameters, the respective sensors will send alerts to the user, along with the time and location when it happened.

The cause of the change is identified based on the alerts, history of data and predictive analysis. It also provided intelligent data, like on which vehicle and location the damage occurred frequently. Based on data on improper usage of vehicle, road conditions it travelled, the unpredictable motion in transit, it can identify hazards.

Although vibration may seem inconsequential, many goods suffer consistent vibrations. Long exposure to it can cause loosening of fasteners, abrasion or other types of damages. Sensors attached to the shipment can trigger off immediate notifications, as soon as there is tilt, shock or as other parameters are breached. So, when goods are dropped on the loading dock, or bounces on a bumpy road, the sensors will send text messages or email right away to supply chain managers to take immediate corrective actions. Trinetra’s GPS based system provides info about who mishandles the products most and where it happens so that shipping managers can look to minimise damage. Severity of the alarms too can be set as notify, warning and critical, as per frequency of the impact.


  • Handful insights to derive pattern
  • Minimize the damage of the goods
  • Minimize Shipping and packing cost
  • On time delivery to the customer
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Vehicle Lease Management

The Client
The client  operates in the vehicle lease management industry, offering transportation services to major multinational companies (MNCs), who need to pick-up and drop their staff working on different shifts.

The Business Requirement.

The client provides efficient transportation to the staff of an MNC. The vehicles have to be managed for different shifts, and keenly monitored for the safety of passengers during travel. The client needs a solution of integrating the RFID solution with the GPS tracking system, to monitor in real-time the passengers and the driver’s behaviour, to maintain safety and control of routes during travel, especially in the night shift drops and pick-ups.

The Solution Implementation

Driver behaviour monitoring and management is critical to create a safety culture. Trinetra offered GPS enabled Fleet Management System with safety aspects integrated. Even with strong rules and strict measures, accidents, maintenance and service was a challenge. Now by integrating GPS fleet management system the client could manage safety in following ways.

  • Trinetra’s driver management system can monitor live road violations and proper vehicle utilization and also take counter measures.
  • The automated solution provides accurate details on driver behaviour and discrepancies can be monitored while on-field.
  • Drivers and vehicle sent alert notification will help staff to know driver and vehicle details in advance, and to plan their safety during night.
  • The system helps Fleet managers to manage vehicles by splitting them up, based on location, priority, etc. Further, shows the status on parking and idling, with location update, to avoid critical discrepancies.
  • In an emergency situation driver can make use of the panic button, to notify an alert to the authorized persons.

Benefits of the Solution.

  • Instant alerts on deviations from business safety rules
  • Alerts when speed level exceeds the limit
  • Increase visibility between the various stakeholders
  • Improved driver management and behaviour solution
  • Comprehensive asset monitoring system
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Construction Company


The Client is a reputed construction company in the business of tower erection, who mainly focus on cell-phone transmission tower erection with power backup.

Business Requirement

As a reputed large scale cell phone transmission tower erection company they use batteries for power back-up on site. The batteries are paced in a power room where the battery condition and temperature should be maintained as per their service chart. The need and challenge is in monitoring the room temperature and battery status. The client faces a major challenge in getting the related information/data on time and to schedule on-time service jobs before any fault occurs. The client needs a solution to get fault information and to monitor the temperature and battery health.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless has provided the solution in providing real-time updates of the battery health and room temperature which provides alerts before a fault occurs based on predictive analysis.

The company earlier faced a big challenge in the on-time services, without battery health status data. Room temperature breaches also affected it. Trinetra has provided the temperature sensors for monitoring the rooms and a Trinetra device for collecting information/data on vital parameters from the battery.

With the collected data and predictive analysis, the Trinetra monitoring system will be sending alerts to respective stakeholders, if there is any deviation found. The system will notify the temperature details and of parameters that deviate from the prescribed chart, in order to arrange for the relevant service. Every one of the mobile phone tower locations will be mapped against an individual device enabled with GPS, which in turn will help the client to identify the fault occurring and the location.

Trinetra’s predictive analysis will offer specific details on whichever parameter deviated and causes for it. The system is a GPS enabled IoT solution with live monitoring and current updates enabled. The system triggers alerts, to help the servicing in time to reduce breakdowns with route management.


  • Monitor pre-defined events
  • Real-time notification alerts
  • Increased visibility between the various stake-holders
  • Comprehensive real-time asset management
  • Decreased battery downtime
  • Reduced operational costs

Research Organization

The  Client

The client is a Contract Research Organization and is involved  in offering services of drug development and discovery. They handle the drugs and the species for testing in their laboratories.

Business Requirement.

The client operates on a large scale, with tests conducted on the drugs and the species in the laboratories. Therefore, as a large scale contract research organization, they need to maintain the temperature and humidity of the biological specimens inside the clean rooms of the laboratories.

It is essential for the client to integrate the temperature and humidity sensors with a GPS device, to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the clean rooms and also maintain them within the thresholds specified.

The Solution Implemented

Trinetra Wireless provided the solution, after the Trinetra team made an in-depth analysis for providing the right solution to them. Real time updates of temperature and humidity values inside the clean rooms that are adjacent to each other, were provided with a cost effective monitoring solution, by integrating two temperature and humidity sensors with a single Trinetra device.

A specialized solution has been provided for clean room monitoring using Trinetra’s fleet management software. The client can set separate groups to monitor the performance of the clean rooms. This system also provides quick insights as and when required, by analyzing the strategic data gathered by the monitoring devices.

The real time updates obtained from the clean room monitoring system at the laboratories increased the reliability for the company and it also ensured the safety of the lab products. Trinetra’s solution helps the company to ensure temperature and humidity values do not cross the thresholds set, which in turn avoids critical discrepancies.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Instant alerts on temperature variations
  • Alerts when temperature level exceeds the limit
  • An improved clean room monitoring solution.
  • Comprehensive asset monitoring
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Transportation Service Provider

The Client

A people transportation service provider to the IT industry was facing the problem of managing their fleet of leased vehicles, being used for carrying their client’s employees, belonging to an IT organisation, who work on different shifts schedules, all through the year. The company faced the issue of monitoring the scheduled trips to avoid unnecessary trips and to plan the routes to economise on operating costs.

The Business Requirement.

The transport organisation needed a GPS tracking enabled solution to monitor and plan trips efficiently. The task involved allocating fleets of vehicles or cabs on optimised routes, to pick up employees from one point and drop them at other assigned locations, according to their shift schedule, that was periodically changed.

The Solution Implementation.

The transport service provider approached Trinetra Wireless for a fleet management software with mobile support solution to streamline operations & improve people safety. The right product was provided to the client which is our GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management software. The fleet management system has many features like Vehicle Tracking, Route Management, Geozone & Digital Mapping, Fleet Maintenance, Alerts & Notifications.  It also various others features than real-time location tracking, that includes driver behaviour monitoring, in-cabin alerts, plus Geo fencing that aids to proper vehicle utilisation, improve fuel efficiency etc.

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Instant alerts/notifications on violation/deviations from safety rules
  • Alerts when speed level exceeds the safety limit
  • Increase visibility between all stakeholders
  • Improved driver management with in-cabin monitoring device.
  • Comprehensive real-time asset monitoring
  • Improved employee satisfaction and safety

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