Packers and Movers


A well-established packers and movers having a transport system involving a fleet of vehicles and drivers in operation, wanted to streamline their despatching and route planning process for improving efficiency and productivity of the company operations in shifting and relocation of movable assets and property.

The Problem Outline

The client being packers & movers approached us for a solution as their company needed to streamline the operations to save costs and capitalise on efficiencies. They needed to not only provide on-time customer service but also utilise a fleet of vehicles to maximise efficiency. Another pain point was to simultaneously locate the vehicles in the fleet and track each one while in operation. They also need to impart safety training for drivers to ensure the safety of men and material.

The Solution Summary

Our team evaluated the requirements of the transporter and the pain points in consideration. Trinetra’s solution had to ensure better visibility to the and customer on vehicle movement until it reaches the customer’s place on time. They also wanted to monitor driver behaviour during the journey. The solution has to ensure that the fleet managers have complete control over transporting trucks to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppages are unauthorised zones. The FMS software that Trinetra provided is now tweaked and implemented. It featured instant alerts visibility of vehicle 24×7 to keep track of both driver and vehicle.

The software solution helps the fleet managers in limiting cost and time factors to improve productivity. Monitoring is enhanced by instant alerts and better visibility of the vehicle 24×7. It helps to monitor drivers, route plan and reroute any vehicle whenever necessary or in case of exigencies. This FMS also keeps the driver engaged resulting in less violations on multiple aspects of the operations for the business. Savings in terms of money as well as resource and time is realised. It helps to control fuel costs in all possible ways during operations with data feedback from dispatch to delivery.

Access on a web-based FMS platform

Trinetra’s flexible, customisable software platform offers –

  • 24/7 monitoring from dispatch to delivery & intrinsic benefits
  • One single flexible platform for monitoring vehicle usage & violations
  • The FMS platform provided insights for informed decision making
  • Instant alerts generated on violation by drivers, for reducing the maintenance and fuel costs
  • Integration to a customised mobile app for efficiency and productivity of drivers & vehicles

Outcome / Result

  • Managers make instant journey planning to ensure delivery on time
  • Customer business rules is easily inducted and monitored
  • Ever evolving hardware and software gets updated
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting
  • Improved driver behaviour and utilization of assets
  • A data-driven approach enables timely decision making
  • Better fleet vehicle efficiency, productivity and ROI


  • Implemented in15+ countries with 13000 active devices on count
  • Reduces wastage by nearly 40%
  • 22% improvement in good driving behaviour
  • Decrease manual intervention and save up to 2.5 hours a day
  • Almost doubles the deliveries per day

If every manager realises the cost benefits of implementing this solution, it creates awareness of the importance of this application for their business and helps them to make a quick decision for implementing the FMS. Why not request for a Demo and our team will respond as soon as they can.

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Client testimonials

“Implementing Trinetra’s FMS software has reduced our time of operations and wastage of fuel in fleet operations, besides helping in cost control. The software has reduced the pressures of daily operations; as it has improved the efficacy in running fleets and managing drivers.”

– Managing Director.

Coal Mining Industry

The Client

The client is a leading player operating in the coal and mining industry, having projects being handled in multiple locations using a large fleet of vehicles and earth moving equipment.

The Business Requirement.

The major objective of the client is to avert the frequent breakdown of their vehicles as they are being operated in difficult conditions and terrain and are missing the regular maintenance needed. The client has more than 5,000 vehicles for transporting coal taken from the coal mines, to various desired locations. So, they found keeping the records and maintenance schedules as a huge problem.

The Solution Implementation

We are aware the client’s vehicles are put to work on rugged terrain and tough surfaces and in such conditions the vehicles are operated in multiple shifts to continually transport the coal. Travelling in such uneven surfaces, up and down steeps of the mine, put a lot of workload on the vehicles. So, the vehicles need regular maintenance to operate smoothly. The client therefore needs to maintain the records of what sort of service has been done over time and parts changed. The solution needed to cover these requirements in this scenario and reduce maintenance costs of the vehicle to get maximum productivity.

Trinetra provided the solution covering the pain points of the client with an FMS software application which can create different service schedules and incorporating multiple vehicles. It can create a plan based on 3 different parameters – Run Time, Time and Distance. An option was provided to set alerts and notifications to the respective stakeholders, when nearing maintenance stops, for servicing the vehicles on time.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management System also provided intelligent devices to monitor how well the vehicle were being utilised by the driver. The device triggered real time alerts for any violation done by the driver and reports were based on the same. The GPS enabled solution helps the client to reduce vehicle breakdown and increase productivity.

Benefits of the solution

  • Nearing maintenance time alerts & notifications.
  • Monitor utilization of the vehicle by the driver
  • Route Optimization and Location finder
  • Unauthorized stoppage, idling of the vehicle by driver recorded
  • Increased safety and effective trips for the drivers

Food Products of Supply Chain Industry

Temperature Monitoring Solution

The Client

A leading food supply chain delivery businesses operating a large fleet of delivery vehicles. They serve a supply chain consisting of dealers in packaged dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry products. Delivery points are spread out at various locations and products to get delivery in good quality and on time.

The Business Requirement

The client needed to monitor the delivery trucks, driver behaviour and guarantee rules are followed, to ensure the brand image and quality of food during delivery is guaranteed. The concerned transport manager needed a software to have complete control, 24/7 monitoring of especially refrigerated vehicles’ journey and manage its current status in transit, with help of a mobile app, using the Geo-zone and Route Management features, to ensure on time delivery, best quality and customer satisfaction.

The Solution Summary

Having analysed the requirements and pain points in detail, Trinetra came up with the solution and provided the processed food supply company with an application tailor-made to overcome all pain points and meet their requirements.

On a flexible FMS platform

Trinetra’s flexible platform helps to manage trucks and drivers during journeys in real time with current updates instantly available 24/7. With implementation, all the updates and alerts of the refrigerated truck tracking are now easily monitored by the transport managers who can quickly maintain on time delivery, maintain the quality of food and thus ensure customer satisfaction. The module is customised and made specifically, addressing the pain points and problems faced by the supply chain and its operations.

  • Easy to Manage and Monitor
  • Tailor -made and customised solution
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting

An approach for timely decision making is primarily data centric, utilising the cache harnessed by the FMS module. Transport managers do instant journey planning to ensure products are delivered on time to the right dealer or stock point. It improved truck management and its visibility by 40%. The flexible platform can provide trucks and drivers during journey with current updates. With 24/7 instant updates, instant journey planning is done, with the mobile app support, that ensure delivery on time. Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver is tracked by GPS tech that updates relevant data and inputs to management to improve productivity.

  • Data driven decision making
  • Quick Journey Planning
  • Mobile app integration & support

Outcome / Result

Ensuring the business follows an efficient delivery management strategy enabled by a robust application is the solution. It is the best way to increase fleet vehicle efficiency, reduce wastage, monitor productivity and increase profitability of operations. 

  • Ensure 99% On Time delivery of Foods
  • Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction level
  • Improve truck & driver management and visibility
  • Improve productivity and benefits by 20%

Just request for a Demo and our team will respond as soon as possible to you.

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Client testimonials

“After using Trinetra we were able to reduce fuel wastage and time of operations. There’s also a hidden security benefit for vehicles and drivers. Thank you for purposeful product.”

-Transport Planning Manager.

Flower Delivery Vehicle Monitoring

flower delivery vehicle monitoring

The Client

The client is a leading flower supplier to all major cities in the UAE. They use multiple vehicles for quick delivery and for connecting the major cities.

The Business Requirement

The major objective of the client is to reach the customer on time. They also want to know how well their fleets are being utilised. They also require immediate alerts when vehicles reach the desired location with insights, so as to reduce the delivery time of the flowers ordered.

The Solution Implementation

Our client who is in the business of delivering flowers at different locations, needs to deliver within a short span of time, without damage to the flowers carried in the vehicles. The client needs to monitor the unnecessary stoppages and idling of the vehicle, also taking the shortest route for delivering on time. Meanwhile they need a solution to minimise delivery time of flowers to customers. A smart fleet management system can provide them alerts on idling, to reduce fuel costs, and on unwanted or unauthorised stoppage.

Trinetra then studied their pain points, right from the working model up to the factors influencing delays in delivery.  After brief analysis we came up with a GPS enabled solution by deriving a pattern on driver behaviour and the effective time taken for reaching the customer.

The smart vehicle monitoring system would send alerts to the stakeholders via SMS and notifications on the mobile app, whenever a particular vehicle stops at an unauthorised location and when it spends more time at the customer’s place than is allowed/required. The FMS software application provided them the better route to travel and also insights via reports, which help them to adjust the vehicles route plan based on requirements.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles location with time and distance
  • Route Optimization & better vehicle utilisation
  • Idling alert and alerts on customer location entry & exit
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver monitored
  • Increase of safe and effective trips for the drivers
  • Satisfies customers with better service

Movers and Packers Industry

FMS software for movers & packers

The Client

The client who approached us is one of the leading packers and movers, operating across all cities of India. They have in operation 300+ Heavy Vehicles, that provide better service to customers in the top-tier cities of the country.

The Business Requirement

The major objective of the client is to ensure the security of the valuable assets transported in the heavy vehicles. They pack and move valuable assets of their customers from one city to another, or within the city they operate. In the long run, these vehicles may pass many remote locations, where the chances of mishaps remain high and these vehicles need to be monitored for safety.

The Solution Implementation

The client uses more than 300 heavy vehicles in their business of packing and moving assets. Initially the assets would be packed and loaded on to the vehicle and the rear door will be sealed after loading. Once the rear door is sealed and it starts off, there will be no need for opening the sealed door. Furthermore, the driver will have the authorised location where they can stop the vehicle for resting.

The client needed a solution to monitor the vehicles in real time along with route optimisation and wanted a rear door opening and closing alert system activated, after the rear door is sealed, from the customer’s place right up to the desired location to be reached.

Considering the complex requirement of the client, Trinetra have provided the solution by integrating door sensors, GPPS device and Geozone alerts. With the help of this combined solution, the authorised location for the driver to stop can be marked. Alerts will be sent to stakeholders, if the vehicle stops outside the Geozone and deviates the fixed time. Door sensors integrated with the GPS device, records door open and close positions along with real-time location. Thus, with this solution real-time location of the v vehicle, with door open and close details and unauthorised stoppages of the driver, can be monitored effectively.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ location and distance with time.
  • Better vehicle utilization and route optimisation
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver can be recorded.
  • Satisfies customers with secure service
  • Increased safety and effective trips for the drivers
  • Alerts for quick business decision-making.

Logistics and Freight Forwarding Company

The Client

The client is one of a leading logistics and freight forwarding company operating in multiple cities of 1 and 2 tier in India. They have good reputation with their customers and operate more than 150 vehicles across the nation.

The Business Requirement

The client approached us with a requirement to manage instead of manually, the numerous trucks and drivers, they needed to monitor the driver pattern and manage their wages which was being handled manually. Due to manual handling there happened to be sometimes miscommunication and human errors which cost big losses to the company.

The Solution Implementation

As the client is from the logistics and freight handling industry they needed to streamline in a better way their operations to increase productivity and profits. Having analysed the requirements and pain points in detail, Trinetra came up with the solution and provided them with an application tailor-made to overcome their pain points and automate the process.

The application now monitored the driver pattern and managed wages without manual work. Now, the company’s vehicles and driver management is being done online very cost-effectively with their customised Fleet Management software provided by Trinetra Wireless.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate info of vehicle’s location with time.
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver tracked by GPS
  • Increased safety and effective trips for drivers
  • Temperature limit alerts, prolonged door open & closed alerts
  • Idling alert and alerts on entry to & exit from customer point/location.
  • Route Optimization & Planning

Food Distribution Industry

Fleet Management solution for Fresh food industry

The Client

The client operates in Karnataka and is a leading food products manufacturer and distributor across the south with more than 100 vehicles serving 400+ outlets across the region.

The Business Requirement

As the company serves a large region for distribution of fresh food, the main objective is to monitor the 100+ vehicles running on the field with effective fleet tracking solution. A real time alerts and notification system was required for monitoring the vehicles’ wait time at every distribution outlet or store, for those that reach the store and an advanced and comprehensive report was needed to be generated for the dispatch manager, who had to take timely decisions for the distribution system.

The Solution Implementation

The client uses 100+ vehicles for the distribution of fresh foods to their outlets or stores which are across south of India. Their vehicles had to reach the destined outlet within a particular fixed time, so as to cover all the outlets, as fresh food has to be delivered in the current time given, to avoid wastage.

The fleet management solution is needed to streamline and monitor the distribution. Trinetra provided the efficient vehicle tracking, live monitoring and the reporting system, for vehicles that spent time at a particular location, with IN and OUT time logs. The vehicles plan to cover 30 outlets per day.

So, Trinetra provided the instant alerts on vehicle entering the location and leaving it with user-friendly geozone module, followed with customised report to monitor the areas the vehicle covered in a particular trip, with distance travelled and time spent in each location accounted.

Through continuous monitoring and driver education, there’s increased visibility and better streamlining of trips. There is higher productivity for the business across south India.

With the vehicle and driver management process system in place, the client is able to utilise their vehicles to the full potential. It also provided them confidence to increase the number of outlets and vehicles, which led to business expansion to other regions and increase in revenue.

Trinetra provided the client with the powerful GPS Fleet Management solution along with exception based Geozone to avoid delay in reaching the locations by taking immediate decisions and corrective actions.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ distance with time.
  • Better vehicle & fleet utilization
  • Effective actions to control adhoc request from any of the outlets
  • Satisfy customer with fresh foods & on-time service
  • Increased safe and effective trips for the drivers
  • Alerts for quick business decision-making.

Portable Power Backup Solution

The Client

The client is a service provider company, for the public sector clients, by providing them with mobile electric power generators on vehicles for power backup purposes on demand.

The Business Requirement

As a service providing company, our client uses vehicles to move mobile power generators to provide power backup to various customers in the public sector. The customers who faced ad hoc power shutdowns, faults and interruptions, also faced the difficulty of arranging power backup with mobile generators and quickly. So, the client essentially needed a solution with GPS enabled devices to monitor in real-time, with updates and to provide immediate support and services

The Solution Implementation

The vehicle mounted mobile generators provided to public sector clients, are high valuable assets that are operated during emergency situations, faced with the challenge of reaching the unit to the location demanded, on-time, when shutdown or other incidents occur.

Trinetra provides the client with the powerful GPS Fleet Management solution along with exception based Geozone, to identify the entry and exit of vehicles within a predefined perimeter or location, along with the timestamp. They can avoid delay in reaching the taking up immediate decisions and corrective actions. The client’s major challenge was to monitor in real-time the various mobile generators and obtain location information on key parameters, about faults besides intelligent data analysis and reporting immediately that’s needed for decision-making. This will in turn help the management to deploy alternative vehicles and maintain things on time, to help the maintenance team and improve customer satisfaction remarkably.

Benefits of the solution

  • Quick business oriented decision making
  • Instant alerts on unwarranted idling
  • On time utilization of vehicles, at every customer point
  • Effective actions to control ad hoc discrepancies on-field
  • Satisfy customer with On time support & service
  • Comprehensive asset monitoring

Machine Manufacturer

Fleet Management solutions for Machine Manufacturers

The Client

The client is a successful machine manufacturing company located in New-Delhi, having multiple manufacturing units and catering to more than a hundred customers in the market with 100+ vehicles transportation facility.

The Business Requirement

The client faced a problem of not able to reach product deliveries to the client on time. This was because the drivers were not committed to adhere with the time schedule, as all these vehicles were rented from their Cargo Department. The transportation & logistics management solution sought was to make delivery on-time to the customer location. The client also needed a comprehensive fleet management report to analyse the time spent at the customer location by each delivery vehicle.

The Solution Implementation

The commitment towards time is essential in business to retain customers, as it increases the trust they put on you. The client here had a challenge in fleet management and driver handling. As a manufacturer of large machines having multiple branches with hundreds of customers spread across the city, they found that deliveries were being delayed because drivers were not committed to adhering with time schedules.

The client approached Trinetra Wireless for an efficient vehicle tracking solution with driver management, as we provided in the market one of the best Fleet Management Software. We took up the challenge and suggested a vehicle monitoring solution to address the client’s pain points, by providing the solution along with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System that provides alerts when unwanted idling for predefined time was detected. We also created specifically a report to view the vehicle full history which helps them to make business-oriented decisions. With a handful of data, the client is now able to identify the time taken to reach a customer and the time spent on a single customer location by a particular vehicle. With Trinetra’s GPS tracking and fleet management software installed we helped them to plan better and raise their standards to delight their customers.

Benefits of the solution

  • Offers instant alerts on unwanted idling.
  • An improved driver management solution.
  • Enables quick business-oriented decision-making.
  • On-time utilization of vehicles at every customer point.
  • Satisfying customers with On-time Delivery every time.

Advertising Company

Advertising vehicle Tracking Device

The Client

The client is an advertising company prominent in the market across the south Indian cities, with their mobile outdoor advertising service, handling the 250+ vehicles from their headquarters in Madurai. They support 500+ diverse brands, including new players and help connect with their audience through different channels of advertising.

The Business Requirement

The major objective of advertising outdoors through a fleet of mobile advertising vehicles, is that the brand would reach out to all sections the society in the given area. The vehicles would travel slowly for a defined time duration every day. The client faced a problem as the drivers tend to cover the whole distance quickly and close the trip early, which was not monitored. This led to the client feedback that advertising through vehicles was not effective.

The Solution Implementation

This client in the advertising industry who operates 250+ vehicles required a productive fleet management solution to streamline the trips and monitor the vehicles. The vehicles should stop or slowly move at crowded places, to get more visibility of the advertisement the vehicles were carrying.

Trinetra Wireless – Advertising Vehicle Management provided a solution with their GPS tracking and fleet management software with driver management which provided business centric reports and monitoring of vehicles at a particular location with in & out time reports. The client also has a target for every vehicle, that it should cover 60km per day. Trinetra provided a customised report to monitor the areas the vehicle went in a particular trip, with distance travelled. By continuous monitoring and educating the driver, with driver management software, they increased visibility and streamlining of the trips. Now there is higher reach for the ads. With dashboard details of Trinetra user friendly web application, the quick summary of distance travelled, critical alarms, idling, violations and portal usage can be taken for quick decisions related to internal business rules.

So, major clients across south India are now willing to collaborate with them, which has led to increased revenue. With this organised vehicle and driver management process in place, manpower is efficiently utilized for better all-round results and multi-tasking. Also, better handling of vehicles resulted in reducing vehicle maintenance costs by 35%. The fleet maintenance monitoring system also helped in the process.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ distance covered with time.
  • Better manpower utilization and driver management
  • Effective actions to control ad hoc discrepancies on-field.
  • Satisfying the customer with better support & service.
  • Increase of safe and effective trips for the drivers.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Route optimisation saves costs
  • GPS tracking locates the vehicle precisely
  • Easy scalability of fleet of vehicles.

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